The Information Department therefore has the responsibility of establishing and sustaining effective public relations and communication management strategies between the Ministry and the public through the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the Ministry’s Programme and policies.


To project the programmes and policies of the Ministry, in such a way that the public image of the Ministry is favorable; especially in service delivery.


To project and situate the Ministry as a viable and credible reference point for Agricultural Policies and Programmes through the formulation and articulation of dynamic media and public relations strategies for the Ministry, its Agencies and Parastatals.


• Publicizing the policies, activities and Programme of the Ministry.
• Projecting Programmes, policies, plans and activities of the Ministry through Press Releases/Statements, Press Conferences, Video/photo journals, posters or any other appropriate communication strategy.
• Providing adequate and timely press coverage for the Ministry’s activities.
• Informing, educating and enlightening the publics about the activities, actions, policies and Programmes of the Ministry.
• Monitoring and managing public opinions and reactions to the Ministry’s plans, policies, projects and achievements. The feedback is collected through the review and analysis of local and foreign medias on regular basis and from the interactions with interest groups to monitor their reactions to issues.
• Documentation of activities of the Ministry. The information data bank includes photographs, videotapes, hard and soft copies of documents for reference purposes.
• To be proactive and well informed about events all over the world as it relates to information gathering, dissemination and management.